Increasing your profitability

Some companies are hugely driven by growth / sales targets, which can be the right strategy in many phases (e.g., product launch or territory growth). But only those who grow profitably in the long run will succeed. By turning the appropriate set of screws, we can gear your project onto the right track.

The challenges

Many good projects cannot reach their full potential and will not be pursued or even discontinued, once they have failed to meet management targets or business plans. Margins are eroded by excessive costs, excessive discounts or incorrect promotion policies. The same applies to individual company branches / divisions that do not deliver the success they deserve due to incorrect purchasing policies, high costs or wrong product strategies.

The objective target

Bring unprofitable projects, departments, divisions, etc. back on target through a structured analysis of their sales, the right portfolio strategy and long-term cost management.

Your benefit

... Up to 5% points of margins increase in the target areas

... Sustainable cost management

... Generate profit for additional growth