SolexConsalt Cash Management

Efficient Cash Management

The liquidity of a company is one of its most important criteria for long-term success – Together with you, we can work on strategies to sustainably improve cash management and increase your entrepreneurial flexibility.

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Cost reduction through outsourcing

The focus on the core areas of the company through offshoring and outsourcing is a key success factor for any company. In the financial sphere, accounting is always considered first, and due to its strategic importance, controlling is seldom considered. But especially in controlling there is a lot of potential.

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Increasing your profitability

Some companies are hugely driven by growth / sales targets, which can be the right strategy in many phases (e.g., product launch or territory growth). But only those who grow profitably in the long run will succeed. By turning the appropriate set of screws, we can gear your project onto the right track.

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EXECUTION Excellent in implementation!

Often, internal structures do not allow for change to happen. It does not matter if your project is still in the planning phase or already being implemented. I can implement your project within the agreed time and quality together with your team.

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