Solex Consult Franz Gernjak Handschlag

Business partnering

I believe that only working together on equal terms yields excellent results. Working without limiting oneself in one’s thought process and seeing criticism as something positive gives us a chance to keep improving. Business partnering allows me to achieve excellent results, builds trust from all stakeholders and helps bind committed employees to a company. In doing so, I put the facts on the table and work to achieve business goals rather than individual benefits.. Let's get things done!


„The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential”, Confuzius
Our goal is to deliver excellence always and everywhere!


My motto is: "Do what you say, say what you do." I invite you to place your trust in me. Active listening and fair and transparent behavior characterize me. I am known to communicate clearly, transparently and in a friendly and calm fashion.

Customer focus

The customers are at the center of all that I do. I strive to understand your concerns and always act accordingly. I develop solutions for customers that create added value and are developed with the highest level of transparency. Passionate work achieves outstanding results.