Cost reduction through outsourcing

The focus on the core areas of the company through offshoring and outsourcing is a key success factor for any company. In the financial sphere, accounting is always considered first, and due to its strategic importance, controlling is seldom considered. But especially in controlling there is a lot of potential.

The challenge

Global markets, pressure on margins and increasing competition cause companies to constantly reinvent themselves and to focus on their core processes. Every entrepreneur inevitably deals with the issue of off-shoring / outsourcing. The need to be able to process and report on large volumes of data in the shortest possible time and to analyze parts of it down to the last detail has caused the corporate controlling departments to grow extremely fast. The costs of the controlling department often exceed twice that of the accounting department. Due to the sensitivity of the data and the belief that controlling should unconditionally be close to the business, quite often an off-shoring option is ignored.

The objective target

Uncover significant cost and process improvements in controlling by offshoring up to 60% of your local resources.

Your benefit

... Breaking up old structures, strategic controlling is strengthened

... Modernization of your processes

... Your costs are reduced by up to 30%.